Colours by Neva
Stained Glass

Colours Stained Glass is a full-service glass business serving the Central Texas and Galveston Coast area with 30 years of stained glass experience. We specialize in custom doors, windows, and panels using traditional lead came or copper foil techniques. In addition, sandblasting for surface or deep-etch designs on glass is available. Repair services for foiled or leaded panels, as well as antique stained glass panels can also be completed.

The versatility of stained glass has recently stirred an increased interest in its application for both homes and businesses. As stained glass artists, we can create a piece that will complement existing décor or provide a new focus point for major renovations. Applications are limited only by the space available and one’s imagination.

If you are building or renovating and would be interested in incorporating stained glass in your design plan, we would be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss this with you.

Specially Designed Custom Work

We can design custom works to your pleasing.

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Beautifully Crafted Floral Designs

Click to view more of our beautifully crafted floral designs.

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Purely Elegant Geometric Designs

Our elegant geometric designs are affordable and customizable.

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